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  • medical treatments

    Türkiye has rapidly and efficiently attained world standards in the field of Medical Treatment due to its Health Transformation Program of the last decade. Through this Health Transformation Program thousands of international patients, not just Turkish citizens, come every year attracted by the top-notch health services that exist here.

    Hospitals operate in accordance with the national accreditation system and are audited twice a year by the Ministry of Health of Türkiye to ensure quality, safety and service standards.

    A great number of health facilities in Türkiye own ISO 9001 certificate, JCI accreditation, etc. for their clinical services and they also offer 5-star hotel comfort for their international guests. Lots of new hospital capacity has been in the most modern hospitals. In 2020 alone, 11 new hospitals, with a total of 14 thousand beds and equipped with the latest technology, will come into service.

    Integrated Health Campuses are the new generation health facilities operated by public and private partnership model under the supervision of Ministry of Health of Türkiye. These sustainable and environmentally friendly facilities have seismic isolation and smart operation systems.

    Patient rights, privacy and safety are the top priorities of health services in Türkiye. Türkiye is one of the leading health bases of the world due to its qualified human resources, competitive prices, advanced technology, and evidence-based service provision at international standards.

    Health facilities in Türkiye operate through the highest technology available in the world. At the same time, Türkiye has made large investments in health information technology in this process. Türkiye has become the country using the health information systems, “big data” and “artificial intelligence” in the decision-making processes in the best way.

    PET CT


    3 Tesla MRI

    Intra-operative MRI

    Da Vinci Surgery – Robotic- Assisted Surgery



    Robotic Surgery




    Nuclear medicine

    Qualified Human Resources