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  • history of medicine & traditional medicine

    Historical Spas of Kings and Queens

    The Asclepion (Asklepieion) of Pergamum (modern day Bergama) was the most famous medical centre for healing in the Ancient World.

    The thermal springs of Pergamon made the city one of the principal centres of healing and beauty in antiquity, and many of them have survived to the present day. One of the major thermal spas of Pergamon is within the Sanctuary of Asclepius (Güzellik Ilıcası) which is 4 km from Bergama. It is believed to be commissioned by King Euamens of Pergamon and is said to have provided beauty treatments to Cleopatra who enjoyed bathing there.

    Pamukkale is stunning. Enchanted by the travertines the Pergamon Kingdom established a city known as Hierapolis nearby 2.000 years ago. In that era Hierapolis was a thermal health centre and visitors from various parts of Anatolia flocked to the city to receive treatments in search of health or beauty. To this day those seeking beauty or health still take a dip in the thermal pools. If you’re interested in trying the therapeutic effects of the warm mineral rich waters you can stay in one of the modern spa hotels that have been built close to the ancient city and travertines. They offer a range of treatments including mud baths and massages.

    At the Cleopatra Baths Bay in Göcek there are, in close proximity, historical ruins with the famous sunken baths and blue and green waters. According to history, during the visit of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra to the Mediterranean shores, her close friends decided to make her this special bathhouse and give it to her as a gift. They did this because they discovered there is a hot water source in this bay. It is said that this hot water is good for the treatment of skin diseases and it is also claimed that the legendary beauty of Cleopatra comes from here.